Host-Pathogen Interactions

The division host-pathogen interaction has a focus on synthetic genomics and diseases of the hoof.

The team deciphers virulence traits as well as pathogenicity mechanisms and contributes to the improvement & development of vaccines and diagnostic assays. Our research covers mycoplasmas, Pasteurellaceae, Dichelobacter spp. and Treponema spp.

Forschungsgruppe J. Jores

Team members

  • Prof Jörg Jores - Veterinarian
  • Prof Peter Kuhnert – Molecular Biologist
  • Dr Fabien Labroussaa –Molecular biologist
  • Dr Hatice Akarsu Egger –Bioinformatician
  • Dr. Silvia Crespo Pomar –Molecular Biologist
  • Dr Bettina Trüeb – Molecular Biologist
  • Isabelle Brodard - Technician
  • Valentina Lucia Cippà – Technician
  • Virginia Hill – PhD student
  • Milena Tresch – DVM student
  • Rubén Sánchez Barbarroja – MSc student


Extramural research funds (last 5 years):

1.            Donor: National Science Foundation (USA); Project title: ‘Special creative extension related to the project BREAD: Toward Development of a Vaccine for Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia’; Total budget US$1,879,282; Project duration: 8/2015 - 4/2019; Principal investigator: Sanjay Vashee, J. Craig Venter Institute (USA), Co- Principal Investigator: Jörg Jores, University of Bern (Switzerland), Co-Principal Investigator: Carole Lartigue and Pascal Sirand-Pugnet, INRA (France); IVB Project staff: Jörg Jores, Fabien Labroussaa, Valentina Cippa, Melanie Schumacher

2.       Donor: Vaccine challenge fund from IDRC (Canada); Project title: ‘Development of a novel vaccine for contagious caprine pleuropneumonia based on a fast-growing Mycoplasma feriruminatoris chassis’; Total budget: 1,400,000 CAD; Project duration: 11/2017-2/2020; Principal investigator: Jörg Jores: Co-Principal Investigator: Carole Lartigue and Pascal Sirand-Pugnet, INRA (France); Partner institution: J. Craig Venter Institute (USA); IVB Project staff: Jörg Jores, Fabien Labroussaa, Valentina Cippa, Milena Tresch

3.            Donor: Horizon2020 "SAPHIR" (European Union) Project title: 'Development of a Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae attenuated vaccine and improvement of bacterin vaccine'; IVB Budget 212,500 €; Duration 3/2015 - 2/2019; Principal investigator: Dominique Maes University of Ghent (Belgium); Co-principal investigator: Peter Kuhnert, Partner institutions: EDI-IVI (Switzerland), University of Ghent (Belgium); IVB Project staff: Peter Kuhnert, Bettina Trueb, Simona Gerber

4.            Donor: Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO (Switzerland); Project title: 'In-vitro and ex-vivo testing of the suitability of different disinfecting solutions for use in footbaths in the planned Swiss footrot control program', Budget: CHF 116'347; Project duration: 1/2018-6/2019, Principal investigator: Adrian Steiner, University of Bern (Switzerland), Co-investigator: Peter Kuhnert; IVB Project staff: Peter Kuhnert, Tobias Hidber

5.            Donor: Swiss National Science Foundation, Project title: Project title: ' Mycoplasmas and hosts: activation and protective niches'; Total budget 372,000 CHF; Duration 6/2015 - 7/2018; Principal investigator: Paola Pilo; IVB Project staff: Paola Pilo, Christoph Josi, Sara Vidal